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  • July 26, 2021
This waterfront accommodation option in Hobart has a gym

In addition to finding the perfect wedding venue, most women want to look their best for their special day. Getting fit and healthy and losing some weight is always on their list.  Here are some ways to help you out.

Get a workout buddy

Training with someone else will help to stay motivated. Set little goals between the two and make it more of a competition to see who wins the prize.

Start doing the plank

For that classic toned body, you need to activate the body’s corset which is done with planking. You lie of your belly and put your elbows on the floor, shoulders apart then lift your hips from the floor and pull the stomach in while holding for between 10 to 30 seconds.

Keep track of your exercise routine and the results

Log your efforts and when you start to see the weight coming off or the stomach looking more toned it will help to keep you motivated. Make a diary of your workouts, reminders treat them like an important appointment that you simply cannot miss.

Walking with weights

If you are wanting to work on your upper back and posture, ensure you are doing plenty of cardio workouts which will burn the fat. Power walking is good with a weight in each hand and will help to burn calories and tone your body. The best thing is there are no fees.

Get into the music

Music can help with motivation there are great workout mixes that you can load your iPod with and use for working out. Using pumping music can set the right feel for motivation.

Mixing it all up

If you are the type of person who gets bored easily then you may need to vary out the training. This will ensure you don’t get bored but will also keep your body challenged. Cycling and swimming are a good challenge and even aerobics classes and hill sprints.

Getting rid of the muffin top

Not only is exercise good but there is no point exercising and trying to lose weight if you are not eating correctly. Both fitness and diet are both equally as important when trying to tone your body and lose that unwanted body fat.

Keeping the curves

You may still want to keep a few curves in the right places so you don’t look like a stick in your wedding dress, include cardio training to burn the body fat and lots of resistance training that will help to tone your muscles. This will help you get to the body shape you intend. You don’t want to be trying to shred every pound and end up looking too thin for the moulding of your wedding dress.

The best thing to have by your side when you are wanting to tone up for your wedding and that is determination. Determination is what fuels your motivation and keeps you aiming for your goal. Your wedding is a special day to make it the best by being happy with yourself while in the spotlight.

A hot tip is to book your honeymoon at a hotel that has a gym – so you don’t put on all the weight straight away. This waterfront accommodation option in Hobart has a gym, for example!



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