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  • July 26, 2021
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Capable leadership undoubtedly has enormous importance in creating and maintaining a business to achieve sustainable results. The world today is complex and continuously changing, so the need for having a high-performance team with leadership skills is essential. Building leadership capability is extremely important for a growing company and especially for growing individuals within the company. It can be as detrimental as determining at times, how capable your company has the potential to be. This article is based on leadership capability itself and why it’s important to implement in the workplace.

Because these corporations within the U.S are spending approximately that much per year on leadership development programs, permanent change will occur only when an organisation’s infrastructure elicits, reinforces, and even demands desired leadership behaviours. Research states under 20 per cent of the knowledge gained from training transfers to the job. The opportunity and tasks are to translate the skills and knowledge into different practices that improve the company’s performance. 

The challenge and opportunity are to decipher facts and skills into practices that advance the organisational performance. It needs to be made aware that such guidelines are not meant for a quick fix in order to create a strong company leadership. The implementation will require thought and dialogue, along with hard work. All team members need to be committed and want to have a successful outcome; in order for them to want to grow and develop within a company, further training is a stepping stone.

Focus the leaders on a shared definition along with leadership paradigm

There are a few companies that have made an attempt to define the meaning of leadership clearly. In order to provide consistent and excellent leadership all across the organisation, every leader must be grounded with a shared understanding of what the leadership role is. This knowledge will form the foundation which will then build a great leadership team. And overall will improve the companies progress and result in higher conversions and profit. Having its absence will mean that when people perform personal paradigms that are often reactive, self-protective and traditional, which may or may not be consistent with the company you want to create.

There are lots of useful definitions and paradigms of leadership, at the end of the day everyone will have their own personal meaning for this. The content of those meanings is not as significant as selecting a description and standard that can be taught, understood, and embraced by all of the leaders within a given organisation. Such a shared definition includes such elements as:

Setting the example

We can preach as much as we want about how we want them to behave, but they are not going to do so if the leaders at the top are not doing it correctly and setting the example. Actions do speak louder than words do, so it isn’t what we say that informs people and how they should be behaving it how we act. If you want others to treat you with respect, then you need to be doing the same to them.

If you want the staff to be open and non-defensive, then you need to be non-defensive and open. It’s important that along with training; you build a strong foundation and great culture. This is so your team feel motivated and happy in the workplace. If employees feel more happy and motivated they will be more inclined to take part in leadership development training and activities, and they will overall want to grow. If you wish to empower the team and let others have more authority along with involvement, then you need to avoid micromanaging and allow others more power.



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